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The story of Falling Awake can be thought of in two ways: 

There's the stand-alone Graphic Novel printed in 2017 and re-released in color in 2019 (go to my READ THE COMIC section for more)

And there's the much larger saga, which is still a work in progress (think Hobbit / Lord of the Rings in terms of scale/set up).

Falling Awake Cover LOWRES.jpg

The 2017 stand-alone is a story of two girls, one lives in a world of fantasy and danger, the other in a small town in rural America. But when they sleep, both dream of the other's life.


This story is primarily focused on the struggles and story of these two, but it introduces many of the fundamentals of the Falling Awake premise.

For the larger story, it will follow a wider array of characters and explore the Lands Beyond the Wooded Vale (Mara's home). It will delve into the history of the town of Davidson's Hope, and how it connects with the events of the Fantasy world (the Dawn Lands). I see this being a multi-volume story, told over several hundred pages. There's some initial sketches and ideas to be found in the WORLD and CHARACTERS section of this site.

Falling Awake map_color_MedJPG.jpg
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