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the small town of

Davidson's Hope

Tucked away in the cool, misty mountains of the Northern Cascades is

the town of Davidson's Hope.  An old logging town and tightly knit community, they take pride in simple living, tradition and high school football.

But beneath the idyllic living there is a darkness that

few speak of or even know is there.


the vast dominion of

the Dawn Lands

Beyond the veil of dreams lies the great valley of the Dawn Lands.

Enclosed by impassable mountains, a crescent of land surrounds the Shimmering Sea.  In the center, a carved stone tower reaches into the omnipresent clouds.  Throughout the land, cities of shell, stone and tree are home to a myriad of strange creatures.


The humans of this land eke out a living as mercenaries or marauders,

but more often are servants or slaves. Those that rule are nature spirits, animal-folk and other magical beings.

Falling Awake map_color_HiJPG.jpg

The Wooded Vale
a very small corner of the Dawn Lands, and home to the lone human, Mara

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